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My philosophy on design can be summed up in the motto of the modernists that form must follow function. In otherwords a good design, whether it be for a trademark or web site, should capture in its very essence the "idea" of the firm and what it is all about.

"You need to spend 95% of your time thinking and 5% doing..." Words of an older art director to the young apprentice at BBDO Minneapolis. I was that young apprentice and as I have gained experience in design I keep finding that maxim to be more and more true. Good design is hard work.! It is the hard work of thinking long and hard about what will serve the client's needs the best.

I am in love with "space" and proportion, whether it be on the printed surface or on a monitor screen. The interelationship of various sizes and shapes to each other are my visual playground.

If I can be of service to you in the areas of web design and corporate identity please feel free to contact me.

questions are more fun than answers!

When I take on any project there is always a phase when I am just trying to find my way out of the woods. It is like a puzzle that is challenging me to find the right code, right image and right composition for the page. It is this "divine wrestling match" that keeps me coming back time and time again for new challenges.