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Each client and project is different and demands a different approach. This is what keeps the work vital for me. When working on web projects, there is a general approach I take to the work that is very methodical:

  1. I begin with research., I try to find out every piece of information I can about the client and company.
  2. Next comes the outline and flowchart. This maps out the general site and how it is navigated.
  3. A "wireframe" is designed as a generalized layout of the page showing where navigation, content and logos will go on each page.
  4. Finally we get to the eyecandy! The site is fleshed out in mockup. Colors and style all come into play at this stage.
  5. Coding and launch. For this stage specific custom code must be generated. The site is launched and taken on a "test cruise".

dr. craig landry

The dental practice of Craig Landry needed a new "brand" or logo along with a website. Work happened over a series of months. The overarching goal was to portray the practice in a sophisticated, and upscale way, moving him away from looking like a "family practice" and more towards cosmetic dentistry and the treatment of TMJ. Part of the challenge for Dr. Landry's site was incorporating video footage of patient testimonies and procedures for TMJ. This site incorporates a flash movie at the beginning to set the tone.


(click image for a live view of the site)

lafayette family eye care

One of the larger projects that I have taken was the production of the Lafayette Eye Care website and its sister site, LASPECS. The goal was two fold, portray a family eye care practice and get them a good ranking in any Google search for eye care in the area. This is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. The SEO was done by Art Chavez of Computech in Houston. I am pleased to say that BOTH sites (Lafayette Family Eye care and Laspecs) got on the first page of Google in 4 months.


(click image for a live view of the site)


Laspecs is the sister company to Lafayette Family Eye Care. They specialize in fashion eyeware and sunglasses. The challenge for this one was to produce something cutting edge in Flash that was search engine friendly. The other challenge was to make the page fill the whole screen no matter what size monitor you were on. Special care was taken to make sure that the site was visible to Google. An alternate, plain text and image site was also generated for search engine visibility and disabled viewers.


(click image for a live view of the site)


Mirror Ministries was a pro bono project done for Susanne Hughes. Susanne has a vibrant ministry outreach to women in prison. She is also a gifted teacher. Her particular challenge was not just her website but all of her literature and reworking her logo into something that could reproduce well for print and web. This site also has a flash movie intro.


(click image for a live view of the site)

arabie environmental solutions

The web site for Arabie Environmental Solutions is done in a CMS, or "content management system". What this means for the client is that any updates to content and even the menus can be done by the client and the designer doesn't have to be called when resumes or information needs to change. Content Management is ideally suited for large sites where the information needs to be changed often.


(click image for a live view of the site)

Lafayette Eye Associates

I was the designer on this site for an eyecare facility in Pennsylvania.


(click image for a live view of the site)

Bethel Presbyterian Church, Lake Charles

I designed the signage and the website for this church in Lake Charles.


(click image for a live view of the site)