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Logos and corporate identity

The cornerstone of any good marketing communication for a firm is its logo. Logos take on all sorts of shapes and meanings but the best of them communicate something "extra" about the firm. Some general guidelines for logos are in order:

  • A good logo should reproduce well in black and white
  • It should reproduce well at 1/2" (a rule I often break)
  • Logos should have a strong visual weight
  • Logos are essentially "icons" and not direct visual representations
  • Most importantly, a good logo should communicate conceptually

dr. craig landry

Craig Landry's monogram grew out of the use of the Golden Section in his practice of cosmetic dentistry. There is a "divine" proportion that is repeated throughout nature that gives the most pleasing harmony when used and invoked in design. The intials "CSL" overlay the revolving squares that make up the Golden Section or rectangle. It is known by its Greek letter "PHI" and in mathematics as the Fibonacci series of numbers.


engenium solutions

Engenium Solutions is a software manufacturer that makes high end scheduling and project add-ons for the SAP software. Their main market is petrochemical plants and refineries. The logo had to look advanced and includes a stylized "clock" to relate the name with scheduling.


mirror ministries

Sometimes the designer's challenge is to take an existing logo and make it better. Susanne came to me with a logo that was essentially a bitmap graphic. My job was to vectorize it and make it visually cleaner. Once a logo is resolved to make it work well in one color and reproduce at smaller sizes it can be incorporated in more places in company media.


(click image for a live view of the site)

clean squad

It is no accident that Advertising has borrowed from military terminology the term "campaign". In a similar spirit I developed the "Clean Squad" logo which borrows heavily from military symbols and badges. The idea is the the Clean Squad can come in and take care of the enemy of dirty laundry for you.